A word from Ron, John and Peter Krikke.

To the loyal supporters of the Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway and the Krikke Boys Shootout.

With the economic climate we have in Western Australia at the present time and the struggling car count here in our state, John, Peter and myself have made the decision to run the race this year as a one night only event. The 2019 Krikke Boys Shootout will be run on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

At this time of the year, many drivers, whether it be from being on the gruelling World Series Sprintcars tour or just have been racing Regionally around Western Australia cannot afford the cost to run at a high level week in week out with the high prices of race equipment.

To make this a top-quality event for everyone to remember, we will engage & entertain the fans as we always do, as you are a part of this race as much as the drivers and crew are. With a Friday night dinner at the Lonestar Rib House in Bunbury and of course the Bunbury Forum Fan Appreciation Day on the Saturday morning it really is still the fun for everyone event you are all a part of, that we still and always will deeply appreciate.

To you, the fans, we look forward to you coming along and supporting this race as we celebrate and remember our three boys.

Ron, John & Peter