The Make Smoking History Bunbury Speedway roars back into life this weekend for the first time this new season with the Junior Sedan Gold Cup.

A total of 22 Junior Sedans have nominated for the event, with 10 drivers nominated in the New Star Division while 12 will be racing for the win in the Top Stars.

The man to beat will be current State Champion and reigning Junior Sedan Gold Cup, winner Blake Iwanow, who will be looking to continue his form this season after taking the win at the Ellenbrook Speedway earlier in the month in a brand-new car.

He won’t have it his own way, with Collie driver Seth Hinsey sure to be hot on his heels all night long after a strong performance last Saturday night taking the honors at the Make Smoking History Collie Speedway.

Manjimup’s Jonty Barnsby will be another driver to keep your eye on in the summer months after already having impressing runs in his Mitsubishi Lancer while local drivers in Aiden Doak, Brandon Buszan and the Pack siblings, Jhy and Montana wanting to keep the Gold Cup local.

Even if they are only in their first years of Speedway racing, the New Star Junior Sedans always produce some exciting racing throughout the night wherever they go. This weekend will be no different with the Smith sisters, Oliva and Lexi impressing over the winter season at the Ellenbrook Speedway and looking to put another trophy on the mantlepiece.

Street Stocks, Production and Super Sedans are all on the card in what should be a very exciting opening meeting for 2019/2020. Racing will start at 6pm.

New Star Junior Sedans

13 Oliva Smith
25 Alyvia Ferraro
29 Deagan McNally
33 Tehila Bosley
40 Vince Lindsay
44 Shataya Herbet
117 Tyson Blackburn
133 Lexi Smith
171 Jayden Blackburn
199 Jaxon Buszan

Top Star Junior Sedans
W1 Blake Iwanow
9 Ziggy Phillips
11 Erin Fraser
17 Kurtis Blackburn
24 Jonty Barnsby
24 Aiden Doak
43 Jorja Davies
66 Seth Hinsey
78 Montana Pack
95 Izak Davies
98 Jhy Pack
198 Brandon Buszan